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Choosing a vacation in rural accommodations in the mountains of Galicia is surely your wisest choice. With its cool summer temperatures, the burst of colors in autumn and spring and the snowy landscapes in winter, the mountainous region offers attractive and suggestive scenery that is ideal to visit at any time of the year.


Starlight Tourist Destination in Trevinca

A Veiga, awarded by the Starlight Foundation, is accredited as one of the best dark skies in the Iberian Peninsula for astronomical observation.

Ribeira Sacra

Located on the banks of the Miño and Sil rivers, at the border of the provinces of Lugo and Ourense, Ribeira Sacra is a spectacular area worth visiting throughout the year. Its canyons, vineyards, forests, viewpoints, hiking trails, monasteries and charming surrounding villages make it one of the favorite destinations for inland tourism in Galicia and one of the best in Spain.

Hot Springs

With medicinal and therapeutic properties, especially in the provinces of Ourense and Pontevedra, hot springs in Galicia offer a rejuvenating experience. The high temperature of the water makes spring, autumn and winter the ideal seasons to enjoy them, although in summer, there are areas where the hot water mixes with the river water, creating a truly pleasant and comforting experience. Some hot springs are located in marvelous natural settings, while others are more urban, but any of them make for a perfect plan for a weekend getaway or to enjoy during your stay.

Vacations and Relaxation Getaways in Galicia

We offer a wide selection of deals to enjoy the best spas, thalassotherapy centers and thermal baths in Galicia.

Visits to Monasteries

Galicia is a region that hosts a large number of monasteries across its four provinces. The monks who founded these Galician monastic communities chose secluded locations away from the hustle and bustle of civilization to fully dedicate themselves to religious life. This translates into significant monuments today, situated in marvelous natural settings that invite peace and disconnection. Many Galician monasteries, in addition to being religious centers, were also important hubs of economic and political power and as a result, unique examples of medieval architecture have been preserved.

National Paradores

Galicia boasts a wide network of national Paradores, charming hotels where you will have a wonderful stay. These accommodations provide a perfect place to rest and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings.